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Tampering With Political Signs ((IS ILLEGAL)) pic

Few LOCAL results found. Here are some from NEARBY areas

Fool me once, shame on me....

I Love It ...

Anti IBM system

I Love It

My Friend Doc

Not Norly

Miss Me Yet?? (Arizona) pic

Excellent Editorial (Phoenix) pic

Not Norly pic

Obama Legacy: Almost Nothing

Rescue yourself loser! (over yonder) map

Missing strings? pic map

No really? pic map

Nice try loser! (over there) pic map

To The Rescue Poncho (15050 N. 28th Ave) pic


Has Barber LIED to us? YES he has (Abort him) map

Missile Defense

To The Rescue Poncho

Low Gas Prices...Thank you President Obama! (Arizona) pic

Savoring Democracy...Eat Away at Corporate Rule (central tucson) map

RE: Get off the hate Rethug. (Poncho) (Doc)

More McSally lies! I.e. - revisionist history!!!

re: to the Barber hater(s)! (Bite me!)

Attn: AZ CD-1 Voters! Tobin-R is NOT qualified to run! He doesn't LIVE (in our CD-1 district!!!)

Proven Wrong map

Get off the hate Rethug. (Poncho)

Obsessed much? pic

Star Wars / SDI Has Become Reality?

No contest -- getting shut up can be danger (Poncho)


And watch out of 70 year old Grandpas (Poncho)

And stop underestimating your opponent - dumb ass (Poncho) pic

Bitch in here gets his ass handed to him then cries (Poncho)

Re:Works Of Fiction

Jesus is Disappointed with the Rep's (Arizona) pic

Norly pic

RE: not even close to what Reagan stated

RE: Tell us...

Response To U-2 map

Progressive's America

Red Baron pic

Re:Gary Powers

Re:First woman president? (USA) pic map

R: Those Who Served, and Those Who Didn't... (Arizona) (Doc)

What scrotum pics? (Topher) pic map

Those Who Served, and Those Who Didn't... (Arizona) pic

7 pic

RE: He has a masters in what? (Poncho) (Doc)

Ebola Quarantine And Isolation

Guess what, Proggies?

How To Determine The Color Of A Criminal (catalina foothills) pic map

Thanks A Lot, Obama


About As "Must To Do"?

He has a masters in what? (Poncho)

I DEMAND a Tax Cut!! (Arizona) pic

No wonder! (here) pic map

East Valley Dolt Alarm!


More Star Wars?


Calling It As It Is

Our future?

Calling It As It Is


Ron Barber??? R U Crazy??????? map

why won't he mention his past voting and bills? (his record) map

Martha McSally map

Ron Barbers record since being in office map

Things you should be concerned about regarding (Ron Barber) map

Re:Democratic pro-business loop holes (USA) pic map

Re:More pictures to come? pic map

You Got Money?

Anti Republican Corporate Welfare IS Pro-Business (Arizona) pic

Obama On Iran


President Obama, We Thank you. (Arizona)

Re Progressive failure? - (prog ville) map (DB4)

RE: Norly (well...)

EV pic

Amendment to US Constitution: Corporations are not People pic

Norly pic


Scottsdale Elitists get Taxpayer Freebee (Scottsdale)

RE: It WAS a new interpretation of an existing law.

So Then.....

50's (Pom)

Because, Uh, Because, Uh.....

RE: Suddenly Decided To Enforce

RE: http://safeshare.tv/w/FEDEwZHZXu (Doc)

ReLaws On Books


Star Trek versus Star Wars Politics (Arizona)

God Bless The Free Press (AKA Liberal Media)! (Arizona) pic

RE: just because a law was on the books

Ebola Strategy

Re:New Rules


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