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Russian Sanctions

You Outdid Yourself Ponchtard! (Yep, Another Email)

Government Blackmail

Russia / Ukraine RE: (ya it's me )

Cuban Sanctions

Spreading That Wealth Around To The Rich (Johnny On The Spot)


President Obama, We Thank you. (Arizona) pic

Solar Panels never financed $ (why?) pic map

RE: Obama blames the US sanctions for all of Cuba's woes



Government studies (Fail rethug ideas )

Ponchtard Email Saga RE: <<< this poster is sick (The real Poncho at your service ) map

Pharmacist (Poncho your mentor )

Avoid the Mint on Grant (Grant & Dodge)

Government Waste (Lot's Of It)

Barack takes Putin to the cleaners (Poncho) pic map


Ponchtard Email Saga

Email From Ponchtard RE: NO I don't e-mail (Poncho) pic

So tell me how Barack got it wrong with Putin (Sun City West ) pic


2nd Email from Ponchtard (Norlyville)

Gilbert School Board Votes To Keep Pornographic Books In Reading List (Gilbert, AZ) map

Economy better for some, but not others. (Arizona) map

It's official...McSally wins map

RE: Economy getting better / Food Stamps 2013

Email From Ponchtard

Economy getting better, are you to blind to see? Check out these facts

RE: CD2 (Tucson)

CD2 ( Red!) pic map


War Criminals Exposed! (Arizona) pic

Time to come clean (poncho)


ZOA-UPDATE - ((ZOA)) pic

if all those jobs had NOT been regulated out of existence (< dark ages soul ) pic

Gallup poll revealing... pic

Glo-Bull Warming??????? (OK, let's go there!)

Shihtzu maltese female (wittmann) pic

Partisan Political report

Holier Than Thou Greenies

Feinstein The Traitor (Treasonous Act)

Islamophobia? (No)

PONCHO = (Here) pic

I DEMAND a Tax Cut!! (Arizona) pic

Obama's New Buddies

As Compared To What?

Conservunism Defined. (Arizona) pic

CPS/ DCS You have hurt my children. (You have ignored reports from good peopl) pic

WHO are the real LIARS, ABUSERS, and KIDNAPPERS?!?!? (Give My Daughters Back! ) pic

Obama and the economy growth (Poncho )


We must stop the slaughter of black Americans pic

Obama bankrupting USA......... (College age turning conservative) pic

Clintons enjoying a good laugh over the holidays..... (at Monica's expense) pic

Norly Says.......

protest against all illegals (northwest tucson)

Food Stamps/Energy

Slow Recovery

Gee, Poncho

Economy is up - food stamp issue

RE: More Bush and Cheney War Criminal Evidence! (Arizona) (This Green Earth)

As I would have you believe?

More Bush and Cheney War Criminal Evidence! (Arizona) pic

Latest Stats

No, Idiot

Remember Obama Mocking Romney?

Proof The Economy Is Getting Better?

Believe Those Iranians!

Food Stamp Numbers

Extreme Poverty

Food Stamp Numbers

Re:Understand The Post

Does It Bother You Poncho Re (Poncho) pic

Does It Bother You Poncho

Benghazi Investigation Vindicates Obama Administration (Arizona) pic

The More the GOP Cuts Education... (Arizona) pic

MS Pharmacology (U of AZ School of Pharmacy). (Poncho)

Education (Yups ) pic

Attention whore! (Over there) pic map

The 2012 Democratic National Platform is on PDF (Poncho) map

Free - love - common good (Anywhere)

Shame on you! pic map

Keystone XL Pipeline (Arizona) pic

not to late to get mental help ! (Paco ) pic

Dr Chop is funny (Panch) pic

just got my $27 SSI increase

Has the KING lost his BLING? (methinks yes) pic

Protoplasma) (Poncho)

RE: KAYLA, WHERE ARE YOU?? (Happy Birthday From Crying Mom) (Well)

Change is up to you... (Online)

What you don't see on T.V. (Protoplasma)

RE: Every conservative was an enemy- yup ! (U-no Poncho) (This Green Earth)

Jonathan Gruber

Every conservative was an enemy- yup ! (U-no Poncho) pic

KAYLA, WHERE ARE YOU?? (Happy Birthday From Crying Mom) pic


re: Doc & Norly

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