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Tampering With Political Signs ((IS ILLEGAL)) pic

Few LOCAL results found. Here are some from NEARBY areas

RE: Why doesn't he act like he did in Egypt and Libya?

Still Ebola (VA Hospital)

Error After Error

re: DUH (again: good)

re: weaken public moraliy (good post)

Yeah....Shame On Me

re;re; obummer & the rest of em (yupper)

Closely Watching Hong Kong?

RE: Why isn't Obama supporting their freedoms?

Just Playin' (ROFLz)

Ebola (VA Hospital) map

Medical Qualifications?

Like Ponchtard, Norly

Hong Kong Spring


Obamacare Double Whammy

Caught doing what? Pointing out your lies? Guilty as charged.

Let's Flip Flop For Votes!

Discredit The Guardian?

Obama's Toxicity

RE: Ebola Facts ... From the Lap-Band Man?

Got Caught, Eh Norly?

here we go again! (Tonight on 60 minutes) pic map

The Guardian....LMAO

President Obama, We Thank you. (Arizona)

RE: Lie Freestyle?

Big Brother Is Watching YOU!

Ebola Facts


RE: Another dumb Black man

Lie Freestyle?

MY Dope Head Pres?

RE: Broderick has contacts in Liberia

Monkeyshines (ghetto) pic map

How To Tell The Color Of A Criminal (central tucson) pic map

RE: Here's your great economic recovery

DUH (any normal person) (DB4)

we have a lot to choose (all phoenix)

weaken public morality (DB4)

for our dope head poster (Poncho) pic map

What's This Guy Know, Right Poncho?

New Mediocre

He Wasn't There?

Way To Go Poncho! pic

RE: Did It Happen? Whomp thar it is ! ! ! (Poncho your mentor ) pic map

RE: Did It Happen?

Did It Happen?

Open The Gates, Let Them In

RE: Convenient Coincidence

RE: nothing to back it up

Convenient Coincidence?


So Called Long Economic Recovery

Ebola / TKM

I love it...

Failure Exposed! (Arizona) pic

Ebola: Is The US Responsible?

You Wish (Midterms)

Al Sharpton

Another Government Agency (Making Errors)

RE: Basically, ...


Obama is a complete and utter failure! (USA) pic map

Comprehension Disabilities

Why, Poncho! Old Buddy!!

17 days until Barry Obola & Harry Reid go DOWN (Dims are fading fast) pic

Don't VOTE L.D.S!! (gilbert) pic

Re : Drone Program - I will try one more time for you (Poncho - your task master ) map

Re:Drone Program

DB4 - how did you get that Moniker name? (Poncho) map

Republicans, Quickly, Before its too Late!!!!! (Arizona)

Let me explain something to you (Poncho here ) map


Re Obama and the rest of them (DB4)


The fact that we are using drones isn't secret, (Thank You )

My Vacation photos: --- RE: (Poncho) map

Republican Complaint? pic

My Vacation photos for ponch (Doc) pic

Jeb (2016) pic

I must be mistaken - drones (Poncho) map

Friday Night Illumination pic map

Ron Klain, New Ebola Czar

Saddam Had Ties To Terror Groups

Here Ya Go Poncho

Case in point? (Point ville) pic map

Striking With Drones

Martha or RON (AZ) pic

Martha McSally (tucson) pic


I can't read ? (Poncho ) map

Barber again for congress? map

Ron Barbers record since being in office map

Things you should be concerned about regarding (Ron Barber) map

Martha McSally map


Re:re:Drones and Our Dronemaster

Re Progressive failure? - (prog ville) map (DB4)


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